Buy Imported Quality Astroturf, Artificial Grass in Pakistan


No mowing | No watering | No sowing | No weeding | No feeding

With countless professional, commercial, and residential uses, Humayun Carpet provides the best Astroturf in Pakistan. We ensure that every inch of it meets and exceeds the highest standards of performance, quality and durability. Your landscape, golf green, playground, rooftop, or sports venue is guaranteed to last and make an impact with the backing of our Astroturf. It is manufactured to withstand all sorts of foot-traffic, and heavy-duty wear-and-tear, without a care.


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    Buy Imported Quality Astroturf, Artificial Grass in Pakistan

    Astroturf in Pakistan is like a close relative of natural grass. It is widely used in places where we want to add a touch of greens yet cannot afford to grow the natural grass. This saves up a lot of our time and money as you don’t have to water it and then it’s a one-time solution. Plus, it penetrates a new trendy look to the surface, so there’s that. Being said that, Humayun Interiors offers artificial turf in varying sizes of 10 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm and 50 mm. Check out our Artificial Grass collection for imported quality grass at best rates!

    Astroturf is a Synthetic artificial grass that is shorter and kind of hard in texture. It resembles carpet grass and is often used for residential, commercial, and sports purposes hence it is also known as sports grass. Astroturf has revolutionized from low quality to a high-quality synthetic artificial grass. Previously, the texture used to be nappy and did not even match the real thing. However, the quality improvised over the span of years. In fact, Humayun Interiors, an online artificial grass shop, manufacture the high-quality sports grass in Pakistan and sells it at an affordable price range.

    As mentioned before, it is manufactured to be really hard. This way it can hold off the cleats, and any activity over it, hence it is immune to the pressure. Additionally, fake grass has several advantages over natural grass such as there will be no allergens of grass or contaminants such as natural grass and also no need for chemical applications with hazardous residues. Contact Now & Buy Artificial Grass in Pakistan at Humayun Interiors.

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