Tips for Home Exterior Design

Low Cost Interior Decorating Ideas For All Types Of Homes - Humayun Interiors
Low Cost Interior Decorating Ideas For All Types Of Homes
October 3, 2020
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Office Interior Design Considerations
October 15, 2020
Tips for Home Exterior Design - Humayun Interiors

Usually people focus on interior designing but forget to design the exterior of the house. The impressive home exterior design increases the worth of a house whenever you decide to sell it. Creating a beautiful modern exterior house design doesn’t have to be difficult. No need to pay more for expensive items instead try to opt for simple changes that create a huge impact on curb appealing features. There are really some simple exterior design tips that can improve your home’s exterior and easy ways to look like a pro.  


While thinking to change exterior paint design will be quite tricky as you have to focus the interior design and outer paint. For exterior colors we refer to what you do as warm and cool color but it should also give clean and dirty! Confused with the above statement ? Ok let me clear your confusion. Clean colors means those who are clear and pure, with little blackish or gray added, both pale and deep colors can become in the shade of clean color. While, dirty or muddy paint colors appear muted or toned down shade. To plan home outside design you should keep all the key points in your mind before directly going with the flow. 

Color Home Exterior Design


Who loves to enter haunted houses where there is no sign of light. Most owners of the houses install grade lighting which is way too small that couldn’t cover the whole area of your exterior.  Lighting is extremely important for exterior look as it enhances beauty and also secure for your family. Lights should be big enough where we can easily see things. It is a pro-tip do not be afraid to go bigger! Different style lightning should be installed outer which gives worthful impact.

Lighting Home Exterior Design

Interesting Walkway

Simple and yet elegant style for exterior house design is to use flagstone pavers for your front pathway.  They are sustainable and enhance the beauty of your house and definitely it will take your curb appeal to the next level! Beside flagstone pavers you can put small size pots or install light stands which add the marvelous and create a unique look.

 Interesting Walkway

Exterior Door

Exterior/ front door is the main focal point of your home and where you welcome guests and speak your style. As the people easily judge the person by first impression, visiting anyone’s house and seeing the house design outside can also make an impression of the person who lives inside. Front door is the heart of your modern house exterior. Therefore, it’s a key to curb appeal that;s why it should be gorgeous and reflect your personal taste. The correct color and material of the entrance door has over 100% return on investment. Spend money on your door as it is worth the cost and definitely enhances your curb appeal.

Exterior Door

House Numbers

If you are wondering about simple house exterior design tips, stylish house number plates are often overlooked and can add character to any exterior design for small houses. Through an online website, you can purchase stylish address plates and the interesting fact is that now you can easily customize your number plate with the house owner name which can be visible to all those people who passed by your house.

House Numbers

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