Top Interior Design Trends in 2020

Top Interior Design Trends in 2020

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Top interior design trends in 2020 - Humayun Interiors

Designing your own home whether it is being renovated or being built is a challenging task and hiring a top interior designer of your city can make the process much easier for you as they will follow all the latest interior design trends and make your home just the way you want

Various interior design trends are going on in 2020 that you should look forward to no matter where you live!

1. Earth tones

First things first you need to start with the color combination that you wanna go with even though classic blue has been on the top the whole year as it gives out cool breezy vibes but people have started embracing earthy tones such as olive green, yellow ochre, and many more and these are being used by the best interior designers around the world.

Earth tones

2. Home office

Since COVID-19 is still going on and many people have started working home this trend has become the top interior design trend of 2020 because people now feel that there should be a home office without any disruptions. As we have seen all around the world how hard it has been for people to work from home surrounded by people.

Home office

3. Canopy beds

This has been used over the year by many famous interior designers and it is now again the latest interior design trend in 2020, these beds give out the impression of luxury and are super comfy as well, however, these beds don’t go well in all the rooms so careful consideration before getting this made for your room.

4. Rattan + Wicker furniture

This type of furniture was once used for outdoors but it has quickly placed its place in the latest interior design trends of 2020 as well. This furniture offers warmth and charm that can be used in modern homes that are being built nowadays. No matter what type of furniture you decide to get made from this material it will always add a casual and comfortable element to space.

Rattan + Wicker furniture

5. Contrasted Decor

People now have shifted from the same matching concept of the room and the furniture and even famous interior designers now don’t suggest something like this even as this trend is a lost cause!

Contrasted Decor

People have now started using contrasted decor in the form of colors, materials, and styles, now you can go with modern or contemporary decor, and through in some antique or unique furniture, the distinction will give your place a stunning appeal.

Hiring a top interior designer is very crucial for all of these latest interior design trends as they can guide you much better with the expertise they have and the work that will be done by them will be exceptional and make your house stand out as well because you on your own without any prior knowledge of interior designing and taking help through the internet will be very costly and also time-consuming as well.


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